Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is a high efficiency system to create accurate and water saving irrigation solution. ChemChem Hydro solutions range is the widest in the market and allows Subsurface drip (SDI), Organic agriculture solutions, Greenhouse technologies and ecological applications. We offer pressure compensated/non-compensated driplines, round and flat emitter options and a wall thickness in all available ranges.

Pressure compensated

Accurate application for long laterals up to 300m for high value crops, orchards, plantations and greenhouses, ideal for topography situations and for, option for non-drainage or anti-syphon for subsurface applications (SDI).

Non compensated

all-purpose dripline, advanced self-cleaning mechanism, laterals up to 80m for row crops, sugar cane, subsurface drip option, germination, seasonal crops and movable systems.

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   heavy duty on-line button dripper for fruit trees, nurseries, greenhouses, pulse irrigation for detached media and soil-less, non-drainage option for delicate applications.

Micro Sprinklers

Micro Sprinkler irrigation delivers pressurized wide diversity of flow rates, distribution patterns and droplet sizes. Micro Sprinklers applications can be Under Tree, Nurseries, Greenhouses, landscape,frost protection, climate control and chemical and fertilizer efficient distribution. ChemChem Hydro Solutions offers the widest and most advanced Micro Irrigation products and solutions to deliver high level of accuracy, uniformity and reliability..frost protection, climate control and chemical and fertilizer efficient distribution.

Under Tree

pressure compensated/non compensated for accurate and reliable orchards and plantation irrigation.


Nursery irrigation and propagation by accurate small droplets and high accuracy distribution.

Misting Systems

Chemigation and fertigation solutions Humidity and climate control systems for nurseries and greenhouses.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation is a pressurized accurate wide applicable method which allows wide crop range to be irrigated efficiently with a permanent seasonal setting or a movable one. ChemChem Hydro Solutions Sprinkler product range starts from Under tree with 30L/H flow rate up to giant sprinklers with 30,000 L/H flow. ChemChem Hydro solutions will tailor design the system to meet with your field current and future.

Under Tree

pressure compensated/non compensated for accurate and reliable orchard and plantation irrigation.

Open Field Sprinklers

fixed or movable: medium and high flows to cover large areas of irrigation for row crops and vegetable fields.


seasonal movable system for row crops and vegetable applications.


Irrigation machines for large scale cash-crops open field farming. The system will offer efficient irrigation upon a "press button" request to field between 20 Ha to 75 Ha per pivot. ChemChem Hydro Solutions will integrate the design, supply and application into your field needs and ability. ChemChem Hydro Solutions, with more than 25 years of experience in the field, offers high quality pivots from the leading companies in the world and will tailor fit the machine and design to your needs.

Irrigation Machines

  Fixed pivot for durability, simplicity and management free application.

Reel Machines (Rain Guns)

Used as easy to move for cover irrigation, filling irrigation and irrigated pasture areas.

Pumping Units

ChemChem Hydro Solutions excels in fitting the right pumping units to the customer needs. Where energy costs and maintenance issues may restrict the customers' ability to succeed, an accurate and well thought of solution is essential and crucial. ChemChem Hydro Solution will tailor fit the right pump, engine/motor or solar system to meet the standards aspired to.

Electric Pumps

Submersible pumps, flow pumps, booster pumps and pressure pumps, all from the leading manufacturers worldwide with highest quality control and warranty available.

Solar and Hybrid Systems

high efficiency direct solar pumping units for remote areas and lower running costs. ChemChem Hydro Solutions offer Hybrid options to tap into the grid/generator to supplement the customer's exact needs when solar radiation is low.

Diesel Pumps

ChemChem Hydro Solutions Offer the highest quality diesel pumps available in the market with efficient, robust and low maintenance diesel engines to reduce running costs and future problems.

Potable Water

ChemChem Hydro Solutions offers a wide range of water purification systems, from a village scale 500 l/h maintenance free device to large scale city size purification facilities. ChemChem Hydro Solutions' vision is to allow each and every person access to proper drinking water without extra expenses and high maintenance costs.

Potable Water

Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants are an integral element in water management and infrastructure. As demand for water is consistently growing, reclaimed water is the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way of supplying this demand.

Waste Water Treatment

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